Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Life in Tucson for a couple of birthday weeks ... I love to CELEBRATE!

Arrived back in Tucson after the Life on Wheels conference plus 5 days with Cousin Otie.

We celebrated my birthday together with dinner at Sweet Tomatoes in Tucson.
Oracle is 30 some miles north of Tucson, so we drove to the big city, woohoo.

Friend Doris Walenta and I celebrated our two birthdays a week apart with a smashing dinner at Bazil's up on Sunrise in Tucson. That yummy dessert was a gift from Bazil's. (That's a glass of vino there in my left hand .. you can hardly see it)

The view from Doris's condo at Kachina Hills near Sabino Canyon in Tucson.

Happy Birthday everyone!


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