Friday, February 25, 2005

Guerrero Negro ... reporting on Days 3 and 4, I think... Tonight there are pictures to share from yesterday and I'm lost in this story, so bear with me. We did do the 300 mile thing... and guess what? Somebody was mixing up miles and kilometers. We logged 219 miles from gas station to gas station ... so there was plenty of gas without all that can/bottle shopping ... but what the hey, we're on an adventure, remember? It is a wonderful happening. When things get a little tight, we just tap our thymus and hum a little ditty, "Heart Teach My Mind." It works every time.

Let me introduce you to our wonderful, handy and helpful tailgunners, Happy and Burle Dawson. They were a huge help today when one of our rigs broke down 80 miles away, and, yup, you would never guess it was Portia and Kathy, our go team go, what would we do without them wagonmasters. I will post a picture of 'em if I ever get them together in the same frame ... a feat.

Now back to yesterday's story .....

After getting "the gasoline" for the death defying 300-mile march across the desert, we settled down to the beauty of the countryside, commenting on how good the road was, though narrow, whew! when the 18-wheelers go charging by within INCHES .... and we wondered what they are doing with all the cactus that appear to be "farmed." Probably making a lot of tequila, whoopee.

The scenery is rather buccolic and, oh, so green. The rain this year has broken most records ....

A Century plant.

We heard about the boojum trees and the boulders but were not prepared for what we saw, is it a moonscape? Is it Alice in Wonderland? Are we on another planet? Well, the energy was like nothing experienced before. You decide.

This is called the Catavina Boulder Field.

The boojum trees are described as looking like an upside down carrot (minus the greens) and we couldn't figure it out until we saw a baby boojum up close.

Marilyn went on a four-mile walk before our evening briefing and she took the camera. For all of you who know me, you KNOW I don't do four mile walks. She took a few shots and here's one.

Back to the evening briefing, here is Kathy pontificating.

And then Portia finished up (can't get these two in the same frame)

Then of course we all sat around the campfire, drinking margaritas ....

Shivering is more like it.

Yup, the special effect really is smoke ....

After the margaritas ....

And this is Maizie who sat through it all in her little lavender chair.

We shared a potluck (quite good, I might add) supper before hitting the sack.

30 for Today.


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