Saturday, February 26, 2005

Guerrero Negro, Day 6, Saturday February 26th .... WHALE DAY!

The tour bus picked us up at the campground at 2 p.m.

We drove for about 45 minutes to the boats. We passed a very large salt producing plant, which is the main industry of Gro. Negro and has been here for 50 or so years. Sorry, no pictures. I was hanging on for dear life in the bouncing bus and it takes two hands to snap pics. Besides you've all seen salt, yes?

We pretty much filled up three dory-like boats. Hi, Marilyn.

We motored out towards sea for about 10-15 minutes. Not much happened right away.
I could hear the ladies calling the whales, praying to see the whales, and I personally talked to them, told them I loved them and to please come and make our day. I'm sure everyone was doing their own special calling.

And then Big Mama surfaced very close ....

Another one began diving nearby ....

And then another ....

Oops, caught the tail ...

And for about 45 minutes we had one big show of mamas and babies. They got braver and braver and gentler and gentler until the energy was one ... we were all one. It was a magical moment in time.

And then I caught Pam petting the whale ... what a thrill!

At one point a sister boat came our way ....

A late lunch was served to us by our boatman (factory ham on white Wonder Bread, a can of Coke and a tasteless apple) They try, honest they do. Judy's two Golden Retrievers LOVE apples ... and they don't care if they're tasteless.

Here's Kipper and Brew with Judy.

We arrived home at sundown to Mario's RV Park and you can see the satellite down at the end on top of Brightwing.



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