Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Ensenada, Mexico .... Campo Playa RV Park .... end of Day 2 ... ah, Mexico. We are parked next to an all night disco .... lovely chamber music to sleep by, hehe. I am running out of descriptive words to stay positive by all the rain, whoosh. But it's hailing in other parts of the world ... so count our blessings.

Monday night, Day 1, we had a Get Acquainted gathering and margarita party ... that is part of a trip to Mexico.

We received our name tags and some pretty purple Fantasy Tours shirts, showing at the bottom of the picture.

Portia (wagonmaster) serving up the juice ....

Tuesday morning, beginning of Day 2, we exchanged dollars for pesos, received our visas, and off we went at noon, the appointed hour. Amazing that such an undertaking could get off on time.

That's Brightwing in the front there. Not everybody is in line yet.

After crossing the border and in the confusion some of the rigs got "lost," including us ... Marilyn and I were talking, relaxed and enjoying the ride, when we came to a "Y" in the road and I asked my trusty navigator which way do we go?

Her travel directions were not handy and I had to choose, the wrong way, of course. (Ahem, we were told to follow the signs to Ensenada.) But being seasoned travelers in Mexico, we stopped for directions. No problem, complete a U'ie and go back two exits and we caught up with the rest at the next toll road booth. Well, not quite. Little did we know that about 5 of our rigs were missing ... including the Wagonmasters (ouch) ...

Our first view of the Pacific Ocean ...

Hey, Marilyn, how tall is that overpass? (For you non-RVers: the height of an overpass is VERY important.)

Some of the scenery along the way to Ensenada.

Break time .... the coconut shack.

Marilyn and Pam enjoying the break .... oooh, that coconut milk and meat is soooo good. And good for you.

Mexico proudly flies its flag.

A well deserved rest stop.

Winding around the road, narrow but good paving ....

And all ended well at the campground where we parked in good time and walked across the street to a pre-planned welcome dinner ... enjoyed by all, I hope. I had filet mignon myself, very good. Not bad for opening night. I will post pictures at the dinner if some of my maties will send me some. I forgot my camera.

Stay tuned. More later.

30 for today.


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