Saturday, February 19, 2005

Continuing on from last night and moving right along to Saturday, February 5th, I drove to Maricopa, Arizona, (about 30 miles) to visit with Janet Palm Hedgepeth and her partner Byron. Janet and her brother, Kevin, are the children of best friends, Art and Marge Palm of Redding CA, and the Palms and the Stones raised their children together in Southern California in the 1950s.

This is Janet and Byron taken at the local Indian casino where we broke bread in their all you can eat buffet.

On Sunday, February 6th, I went down to Sun Lakes (about 9 miles) to meet up with high school buddies and their hubbies for brunch at the Oakwood Country Club.

We had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures (shameful). Evermore resourceful, here are some file photos of Char and Bill Gangel of Nebraska City NE and Joanne and Bernie Tierney of Denver.

On Tuesday, February 8th, I picked up Marilyn Brodhurst at the Phoenix airport. She got on the plane in cold, snowy Baltimore. Marilyn and I will be traveling for 2 months together in the Southwest and then on tour in Mexico with 21 rigs and 42 or so women. But, wait, we're not there yet.

Our first stop was Quartzsite, Arizona, for 3 nights about 150 miles west of Phoenix and 20 or so miles from the California border. The desert flowers are incredible with all the rain. Yes, rain, and lots of it.

The main focus of going there was to have the solar system on Brightwing checked out, updated, and whatever else was needed. For two nights we stayed in the parking lot of RV Lifestyles, the solar place, and also reconnected with Paula and Alan Connell, who work at RV Lifestyles, live in their 5th wheel there all winter and summers they are camp hosts in a cool federal park in Utah.

Shameful, again, no pictures, not even file photos. We potlucked dinner on our arrival and got to visit on 'n off for 2 + days.

On our second morning we drove over to Rainbow Acres to visit with Jim and Chris Guld who are parked with friends, Frankie and Dick, at their winter "community center." Their rig is on the far right side.

Here's Jim and Chris ...

They have a DataStorm satellite stystem like mine, tra-la, are computer techs, and fulltime around the country working and earning a living on WiFi (wireless) stuff. Chris is responsible for this blog (Chris is another Marilyn's daughter whom I met at a Prophet's Conference in Santa Fe, lo, several years ago ... networking is such fun) and Jim knows how to keep my wireless up and running. My plan for this Mexico trip is to provide a WiFi hotspot for all my trip mates. Way cool!

On our third day there we took the truck and went "downtown" Quartzsite. Here's Marilyn doing a little shopping and foolin' around.

This is Marilyn's Harley, hehe.

On the third night, Saturday, we invited Chris and Jim over for dinner. Marilyn has volunteered to be the head chef on this trip. Ain't I the lucky pup?

She is scouring the onboard cookbooks for recipes for which we have the ingredients, and, voila, she found a recipe that parallels the Stone family Julia Child recipe for chicken supremes or THE chicken as my family knows it. We had the organic chicken, of course, the organic whipping cream, the balsamic vinegar and the Gray Poupon mustard. The Gulds brought a large jug of Bergundy wine .... and omigod, what a feast!

Here's Chef Marilyn working on the supremes ....

The night was a gorgeous starry night on the desert, and Chris snapped this photo of Brightwing settling in for the night.

We left Quartzsite on Sunday early afternoon headed for the Palm Desert/Indio area of Southern California. Will continue with our visit there next as it is time to break camp today and head for San Diego. We're almost caught up, huff-huff, puff-puff.

30 for today.


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