Saturday, September 11, 2004

Goodness gracious! I'm still here, alive and well. Just checking in with you, and me, and now I don't know how to catch up. Nicolas and Elizabeth were here for a day or so at the turn of the month and the time since then has been ... well ... I just don't know where the time has gone. Well, first is N and E in front of the Luna Mansion, where we went for a lovely meal.

Met Betts and Gary and Gina, all California friends and dowsers, sharing bread ...

We spent the better part of the day exploring our beautiful mesa, and then before you know it, the visit was over and off they went back to California.

This past week involved rounding up the troops to attend various meetings and a workshop regarding our invalid zoning ordinance here in Valencia County. Almost too much politics for me, what with all the razzmatazz going on with the national campaign for president, egads.

Today's email brought a welcome message from Suzanne Keehn, a wonderful friend in California, and SHE is starting a new political party, the Centrust Party, based on John English's recent book entitled "The Shift - An Awakening." I signed on. Never got in on the beginning of a political party before, hehe.

So it's time to go in the house and prepare to attend our community meeting today, starting with a potluck at noon. So at least I showed up today to keep this blog alive and hopefully next time will be sooner than almost two weeks .

It is now 13 days and counting until shove off time (circa Sept. 24th) headed for Kerrville, Texas, and the DataStorm rally. Til next time ....


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