Sunday, September 26, 2004

Ft. Stockton, Texas ... well, how did we get here? Driving, of course, from Belen on my way to Kerrville, Texas, to meet up with the DataStorm Users group rally. Sorry there are no posts since Sept. 13th, my baby's 47th birthday, ahem ... he had a grand celebration up there in Evanston WY ... but I needed to stay on focus in order to leave on time on Sept. 24th, which I did, hooray.

My first night out was in Roswell NM. A big surprise there at how big that town is ... is it a city? There aren't any pictures of the landscape ... it's all flat and the road straight arrow. There was one helluva rain storm in the night which lowered my TV satellite automatically ... but that's okay, it was time to go to sleep anyway. The office of the RV park where I stayed was selling alien rings for 25 cents and had little alien blow-up images swinging in the wind from the rafters. I was informed of an important UFO Museum in town, but passed that by in order to press ahead and get out of NM to make me believe that I was really on the road.

I arrived here at the KOA in Ft. Stockton early enough to practice getting my big satellite up, since it's been 3 months since I've had to fiddle with it. I had some doubts as to whether I would remember everything. Well, it went straight up and all went well except it wouldn't clear, or pass whatever it has to pass. So I had to make a call for help and was reminded that I needed to clear my modems, probably, and that did the trick. So am happily sending and receiving to my heart's content, loverly.

The calculations say that I have 241 miles to go to Kerrville, maybe I'll be there by tonight. Am on I-10 and Kerrville seems to be there, too. I am early by plan so I can rest and relax in one place and absorb all I need to and then I will feel ready to move on, which will be to leave Kerrvile next Sunday, one week from today, and make a mad race to Nashville to attend the Young Living Essential Oils convention. Will meet up there with friend Marilyn Brodhurst.

Speaking of Marilyn, she called last night from Chatanooga TN at the RVing Women's convention and guess what? We are going to travel together for 34 days with Fantasy Tours through Baja CA leaving San Diego on February 21st. She talked me into it. That got my motor running, hehe. Fantasy Tours is the group I/we toured with in Mexico and the Copper Canyon one year ago, same leaders and tailgunners. What a delight that was. This will be 20 rigs and 40 or so women. So stay tuned. I promise pictures soon.

A thought for today:

"There is little room left for wisdom when one is full of judgment" -- Malcolm Hein


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