Thursday, September 30, 2004

Buckhorn RV Park ... Day 2 ... Meet and Greet happened last night. We brought our own meat for BBQing and the rest, yum, was furnished all the way through peach or apple cobbler ala mode. Way to start! Jim, Royal and Ed all from Motosat arrived just in time to eat. They are excited to share with us all the new stuff.

My DataStorm friends, Suzie Richardson and Gary Gruber, from Santa Fe arrived late afternoon. They are parked two coaches over, neighbors. Suzie and I discovered each other online earlier this summer and so we looked forward to meeting up. We are sisters. Ah, the world is full of sisters. And Gary could be called a brother. Yes, the world is full of brothers, too

Together we met up with John and Kim from Brentwood (east Contra Costa County in the SF Bay Area). John is a retired firefighter and Kim is a retired landscape architect. They are here in their 5th wheel to learn about fulltiming with a DataStorm and possibly buying one. These boomers know how to retire early. Both couples spend a lot of time in Mexico doing things like language imersion classes, and art, and, well, learning.

The five of us spent the entire time talking together and, poof, it was time to go to bed. Well, time flies when you're having fun. And, John and Kim are parked right across the street.

This is the view of the office from my site. John and Kim are parked just to the right off camera. I took this picture before I knew that it was John and Kim parked nearby.

And the windmill is lit up after dark ....

I am hoping that someone will climb the hill across the street and get a night picture collectively of our "blue lights." Each DataStorm has a blue light when raised in the air, and it's kinda fun to see them all together, a sight only to behold at a rally, such as this.

This is early morning and classes begin at 9:00. I am making a several day supply of oatmeal and the water boiled dry while my head was here. So starting over. It's steel cut oats and they need to cook for 30 minutes. But, oh, so good! More later.


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