Saturday, August 28, 2004

Enjoying the Olympics from Athens ... what a beautiful place, and, yes, they got their act together to pull it off. There are some events that are astounding because I have never seen them before .... beach volleyball, syncronized diving ... old favorites .... gymnastics, (the judging is rather sad) regular diving ( my-o-my ... dives that were not even invented yet in my day (remember, mom was a swim coach and had us in the water all the time, swimming and diving, and, yes, synchronized swimming ... ) but routines nothing like I saw last night. Track and field ... brings back memories of my own endeavors a jillion years ago. Ah-h-h, I love those summer Olympics.

It seems that adding new pages to this blog is becoming a once a week event. So we will have to live with that. I left off with an iminent visit by friend Leah DeBruyn of Los Vegas. We had a swell five days with dinner one night at the Luna Mansion. (I finally got a picture of the outside. Isn't this a magnificent old treasure?) The dining area is on the lower floor and the upstairs is all bar and lounge area. Smoking is still allowed in New Mexico (shameful), but at least the new owners have banned smoking in the restaurant, hooray.

And Leah posing in front of a giant of a tree out front.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we spent the better part of each day on the mesa. My second batch of pics are lost (again) on my computer but here are some memories of our Friday adventure. Leah's friend Beaucoup arrived from Texas on Saturday and those are the pics that are hiding .

We met at the Rio Rancho diner at the eastern edge of the
mesa to catch our limosuine ....

Driven by our tour guide, Joan Artiaga ... friend, artist, musician,
politician, jack of all trades ... such a wonderful person ....
drum roll, please ....

And here's the group that toured the mesa on Friday ....

John (Shirley's, Nathan's cook, son), Leah, Joani, Carla,
(Trudy Clawson's daughter) and Kira, Joani's Indigo
grand-daughter, and me taking the picture.

We stopped by the temple site (Celestorium) ...

And I took a more sweeping picture of the sound healing
temple with Leah posing at the side. Yes, that is a copper
pyramid on top. This site is one of four on the planet doing
what it came here to do as directed by the Hathors, an ancient
Egyptian civilization, guided by sound healer Tom Kenyon,
friend of our Harmonious Earth community.

On Friday night we went to dinner at Nathan's in Albuquerque.
Shirley cooked such a superb meal, yum!

Here's Nathan with Leah and Carla ....

And here's the 3 of us ... who ate ourselves silly ....

I have found my pictures taken on Land Tour Day 2, but they are in a place on my hard drive and I don't know how to get them into My Pictures so I can resize, etc. Stay tuned for more. The sky turned absolutely magical and I sure would love to share those pictures with you.

Many Blessings ....


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