Friday, July 30, 2004

Days still flying by ....  just now feeling like the world is a bit brighter.  Have had a rough week with that tooth pullin' business.  Have determined that the trouble lies with an exposed nerve ... but it's feelin' mo bettah.  And so it was a good week for the Democratic Convention.  One could just lay around and watch whatever.  It was so nice to turn on C-Span, who just puts the cameras on the action and let YOU be the analyst ... whew, what a concept.  Those talking heads just get in the way with the real thing.  Oh, well. 

I am content with Kerry and Edwards.  Anybody but Bush, at this point.  If you want to know why I say this, it is because I am an environmentalist, I LOVE MOTHER EARTH, and the Bush Admin. is ravaging her.  It's called RAPE.  I am in pain daily over the antics of that bunch, making it okay to pollute the air and water, rather than trying to reverse it.  Making it okay to cut down old trees and rain forests, ad nauseum.  They appear to be HEART-less and SOUL-less.  Moreover, it does not make sense, to me.  So that's my soap box for today. 

Let's see what wonderous pictures of peace and tranquility I can find for today ....

This is part of a collection called "Fancy Fruit" that someone sent me recently. 
It's kinda fun ....

Here's a Hawaiian sunset from March 2003 trip .... well, it's either Maui or Kona, take
your pick.




At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the owls are very coool i like them very much


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