Thursday, July 08, 2004

Continuing ... after my heart-breaking disaster of last Sunday in losing a LONG post, am doing things in pieces now.

Moving on to Sunday and the party at Nathan's to celebrate the 4th of July and his birthday ... following are pictures to tell the story.

Entering Nathan's lovely property and walking up the long drive ...

Arriving into the front courtyard, to the right is Nathan's front door.

In the middle of the courtyard is a fountain with, you guessed it, a model of a "rig" with a flame coming out of the top. Wow! The flame was out when I arrived but I tried to get a picture of it when it was re-lit just before dark, dark and you have to look closely to see the flame at the tippy top.

So into the house to survey the food prep going on in high gear in the kitchen.

Didn't get too many "people" pictures, ones you can recognize at any rate, but here's Jo and Will, couple on the right (bride and groom now for about a month or so).

Back outdoors into the courtyard where the party is beginning to go into full swing.

And the music played on and on ... oh, how delightful. Joani Artiaga and her daughter inspired Chirin and her partner to get up for a swashbuckling Latin dance.

I snapped Chirin (a Thai professional dancer extraordinaire) sitting down, her dress is so colorful, but was so engrossed in watching the dance that ... you guessed it... no picture, sheesh.

We sang Happy Birthday to Nathan ....

And Nathan pontificates ....

But he has his cake and eats it, too ...

And after dark and the glow of good food and good company, we all headed for home to watch many exhibitions of fireworks in the night sky.


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