Thursday, July 15, 2004

Belen NM ....  well. I have new choices in formatting this blog.  My hidden helper is very busy.  I am just checking in with you who follow my life in this diary.  I don't have much to report or say except that it is very HOT here with some mugginess ... most unusual, not the hot part but the muggy part.  Humidity was 75 today, in the house.  Am thinking of all of you and wonderin' what everybody's doin'. 
A little plan is forming regarding the next trip.  There will be a DataStorm Users (internet satellite) rally in Kerrville TX the end of Sept.  Four days later Gary Young will be putting on the East Coast convention in Nashville TN ... I can make that.  and four days after that ends there is a Dixieland Jazz Fest in Branson MO.  I can make that.  Might make a nice little trip, doncha think?
Andrew's birthday (oldest grandson) is Saturday and am thinking especially of him.  He will be 26.  Here's a picture of that boy.  I remember the day he was born on July 17, 1978.  That seems like a long time ago.  I was hoping he would get here before I needed to leave for the granddaddy whitewater trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon in a raft.  No digital cameras then, so no pictures on my hard drive.    

And here's Drew with his twins, Sophia and Brent,
age 3-1/2 ....  Happy Birthday, my Man. 

Here's a couple of pictures that I lifted from my friends Chris and Jim so you can get the flavor of the sport.  Seeing their recent pictures brought back a jillion memories of the Marin River Rats, a group of whitewater rafters in the late 1970s who all met through Helen Eng of Mill Valley, and over five years together we went down 12 major rivers and had a ball.  How cool is that?



As I recall, I was home in Terra Linda (San Rafael) when Andrew was born,
but only home  for 3 days between whitewater trips that summer.  I know I
was invited to be present at the birth but declined.  Not my thing.  I think
that's a private event between the mommy and the daddy.  Just my
opinion, okay?
Here's to a swell weekend ahead and wishing you all lots of love and
fun, fun, fun.  



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