Thursday, July 08, 2004

Belen NM .... continuing on with the story .... we kept driving north, east, north, east and finally when we saw the Santa Fe railroad tracks I knew we were close to New Mexico State Highway 6. We did see some buildings and a lot of trucks (common sight in New Mexico) and stopped to ask for directions (we're women, you know) and spotted a trailer full of lovely goats going somewhere.

We found we were 200 feet or yards (can't remember which) from Highway 6! Indeed!

Zippin' on down the highway we reached our appointed rendevous just in time for dinner at the Luna Mansion where it was delightful to meet up (after my 6 months absence) with Danny and Penny Griego, the "new" owners a year ago of this great restaurant in Los Lunas. It was once a Harvey House,and Mike Melendrez's grandmother was born here, but that's another story.

AND I neglected to snap a picture of this glorious piece of this area's history. Shameful. But I promise a picture soon.

So here's Danny and Penny and a picture of one of Penny's gorgeous flower arrangements. She owns a wholesale flower shop, too.

Rupali from Sabinal joined Lea and me in a great feast. We were enjoying the good wine too much to remember to take more pictures. Aahh!

What a day!


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