Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Belen NM ...After my last disaster in trying to post a very wonderful weekend and losing it ... am game to try again after a few days rest.

Saturday morning began the day with Lea Walters, visiting here from California. We enjoyed breakfast at the Wild Boar Steakhouse (our new and upcoming restaurant and just down the street, can you believe that? A dream come true). At noon we picked up Joan Smith and journeyed to the mesa where Tom Fessenmeyer lives for a mid-day celebration of Mother Earth (Gaia) with Joan performing a real, honest to goodness pipe ceremony. Joan is a community member and a Penobscot Indian from Long Island NY. Ed Clibborn joined us. Following is a picture of Joan after the ceremony, no pictures are allowed during.

This is Tom, me, Lea and Ed ....

And Garuda was looking on ....

Garuda came home with Tom from a visit to Bali. Garuda is also the logo/mascot of Indonesian Airlines.

After an enjoyable visit with everyone, Lea and I decided to go to the Celestorium, the sound/healing temple engineered by Tom Kenyon and the Hathors, an ancient Egyptian civilization, over on the Nicolas Duran de Chavez ranch, near my future home site 10 acres. The roads were drying up after the 100-year rain of a week ago and we made it through to the temple.

Next we decided to drive down to the Rio Puerco River nearby, but after driving for quite awhile I knew that I had passed some cow trail down to the river and we were headed north to parts unknown.

The above picture courtesy of Jim Van Hoose.

Believing that now we are more than halfway to Los Lunas (our dinner destination) we might as well be adventurous and plow new territory. It was kinda fun driving around and around and around the mesa playing lost (we really weren't ... because there is Onstar on the truck, the cell phones worked, we were headed north by compass, and following the river north.)

How could we be lost? Well, actually we weren't, but when checking with Onstar we had only progressed north 3 miles in 1-1/2 hours, 7 more to go and it IS getting late, and the gas tank is going DOWN.

Stay tuned ....


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