Saturday, July 03, 2004

Belen, NM .... Well, it's been a few days once again. That seems to be the pattern. Busy times around here, or I am doing less. Whatdaya think? The activities on our mesa are going strong and the end result is just out of reach at the moment. A coupla more weeks. Can we wait that long? You'd think after 10 years that that would be easy ... duh, well ... I feel like a kid waiting for my birthday to hurry up and get here.

Here's Cowboy and me ... aahh, Cowboy. Cowboy is our mesa security person ... I met him in 1995 or 6 on my first visit. He's a real tootin' rootin' six shooter sheriff's deputy and he and wife, Lori, live in a small guard trailer. Twice I camped on my land and twice Cowboy brought me water, like 20 gallons at a pop. He came by each day to make sure I/we were all right. If I remember correctly, my friend Ruby and I made 2 trips here in the mid-90s in Brightwing I.

Sooooo today Lea Walters, visiting here from California, and I will go together and join with others on the mesa at Tom's house for a "Gateway" ceremony ... something important for the Albuquerque area. I took this picture of Lea earlier in the week as we were part of the cheerleading crowd at NAT 1.

Tomorrow is the 4th of July and many of us will be celebrating at Nathan's home/palace in ABQ. Always fun to go there and experience how the other half lives, hehe.

If any of you reading this want clarification of names, places or things, send me a personal email. Obsfucation right now is necessary. Explainable later. All for today as it is time to git. BW2 (awesome truck) is all spit and polished, yet again, for another trip to the mesa.

Today is Mother Earth's Day, well, a special one. Every day is her day. Ciao!


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