Saturday, May 08, 2004

Saturday noon ... oh, so many pictures and so little time. Whew! Think I will post pictures for awhile and let them tell the story. The theme of this conference is "Between Friends." It came into form by a single thought by Jeanne Williams of the Next Generation Chapter of ASD (Lynnwood WA)

who expressed the thought to ASD Trustee Penn Bell

and it spread across the border naturally to Merlin Beltain, President of the Vancouver Chapter of The Canadian Questers

(think I got this right) and that's how the Universe works. Every action and reaction in our world begins with a single thought. Imagine that!

The opening ceremony last night was extremely touching , honoring all the worker bees who manifested this wonderful conference with the inclusion of our Native friends who are a big part of the festivities. Brian Bell is doing a magnificent job as master of ceremonies.

The opening speaker was White Plume Woman (Yvette John) of the Chawathil First Nation. I am so sorry that I couldn't get close enough to take good pictures of the actual visuals that were going on, but I did get up close and personal pics later and got their names right. White Plume Woman later brought her daughter, Azalea, on stage to do a little singing and drumming for us.

And Lorrelle, who showed off her gorgeous cape affair in the group shot below of the opening ceremony.

After all the welcomes and acknowledgements, at 8:00 Walt Woods began his wonderful talk entitled "Noxious Energies and the Hormesis Curve."

And to end this session, here is a picture of the labyrinth in the grass near the beach displayed by Alex Champion and the 3 monks I caught just leaving their experience of the labyrinth.

And it is time for lunch and so I will publish this and be back this afternoon.