Saturday, May 29, 2004

Hello ... well, arrived Salt Lake City yesterday morning and two days of researching my satellite problems have brought us no further towards resolving same. I am hooked up in RV park until Tues. when things crank up again after the holiday. My DataStorm software does not talk to the Direcway software, something they have never seen before, sheesh. And parts of my equipment are old (by tech standards) and so the system has been updated, but it still does not address my issue.

I don't mind staying in SLC. Been here at least 10 times before and I know where the good restaurants are, the movie house, Wild Oats (the organic grocery) and anything else I need. After all, this is the HQ for Young Living and so it goes. I look forward to just hangin' out. And speaking of Young Living, Essential Oils, that is, I made Master Star this month, whoop-de-doo. Thanks to all of you in my downline for working hard and making this happen for me. It only helps you, too. It's taken about 9 years to get to this level. I don't know what this means to me financially, but it should be an improvement.

Son Greg, wife Cathy and their two boys, Gregory and Peter, are just down the road about a hundred miles. We are all anxious to get together (my next stop, Evanston WY); it's just delayed a few days.

Let's see what interesting picture I can find in my large stash ...

These are some goats taking a walk past my rest stop at that moment. This was along Canada 1, a lovely drive heading towards Louise and Banff.

A good affirmation for today:

"Today I am sailing through my glorious life. Experiences unfold divinely. I trust my clear guidance, directing me toward moments of exquisite realization and arrival."
Connee Chandler, A Gift of Vision.

P.S. The ice field pictures were all taken in "movie mode." Egads. How on earth? I found one program where I can view the pictures as stills, but have not figured out how to get them in the appropriate format for here Some days technology is my downfall ... but, still, the challenge seems to be worth it, doncha think? Life can't possibly be dull.