Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Good Morning World .... well, it is raining here in British Columbia in Harrison Hot Springs. I arrived about 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon and spent the remaining daylight hours fiddling with the satellite challenge We (tech support and me) got all up and running around 7 p.m. and so I said enough is enough and took the truck downtown (what a charming village) and discovered a wealth of delightful small restaurants. I dowsed for which one to try first and decided on the Lakeside. I was not disappointed. It was too dark to take meaningful pictures and today right now is not any better, but I will get some while here. The plan is to be here for one week while taking in the first ever CAN-AM dowsing conference. Jackie Reid from Yelm WA will be joining me late Thursday. My experience with the satellite this morning is that it moves in and out of being connected. So email goes out whenever there is a connection. Egads!

The border crossing at Sumas WA yesterday was uneventful, piece of cake. No lines. I was prepared with my birth certificate and driver's license. I was asked the question: "What will you be doing in Canada?" I replied: "I will be attending a dowsing conference." She said: "What's that?" I tried my best to explain but the eyes glazed over and she passed me on through. I love driving in Canada, except that the speed limits are in kilometers and the height of overpasses is in meters. About a quarter mile before a traffic signal is a flasher that when flashing yellow tells you the light is about to turn red. So helpful, especially when you weigh 6 tons! I remember all this while traveling in Canada in 1995 touring Vancouver Island and riding all the ferries with Brightwing I. We traveled on 12 different ferries then, what a blast. Ruby was with me on that trip. For those of you who don't know, Ruby was a very good friend and my traveling buddy. She made her transition in December 2002 and I miss her lots.

So enough reminiscing. Let's try for more pictures. This is practice time. And I will publish this first so I don't lose it, which happened once before.


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