Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Good Morning from Conrad, Montana ... yep, still here. Had a dead battery 2 mornings in a row. The first was Sunday morning while parked 2 hours inside Canada with Monday looming as a holiday (Queen Victoria's birthday, or some queen) so decided to cross the border and at least get into the U.S. in case I needed to find a Chevy garage open on Monday. Well, that is exactly what happened. My mother's intuition working yet again.

The second morning (yesterday) the battery was dead again, . However, the towtruck person guided me to a good Chevy garage only 20 miles down the road [now in deep gratitude for such luck] and so I spent all day yesterday there. Well, you know how it is, it's Monday and I'm a drop-in. Those folks at Van Motors were the nicest ever and after much testing, etc., etc., it was determined that my battery is, indeed, dead and it apparently was caused by my CB radio being turned on. (Left on is more like it). Well, that radio has been on since last October when I went to Mexico, because that's the last time I paid attention to that. It took that long to do in my battery. I'd say that was a good battery, now gone to battery heaven. Keep your fingers still crossed, though, because I have yet to go out this morning and try the new battery. Stay tuned.

If you've had enough battery talk, here's a little diversion into the bakery shop at Lake Louise. Which one did I pick?

How about a strawberry tart with a mocha latte`? Yum.

Hallelujah! While diving for the above picture my ice field pictures appeared in a different format. Will I be able to open them? Stay tuned. Time to go check the new battery.

Affirmation for today:

"I am willing to know God better. I ask the question: 'What is God?'
I discover more exciting answers every day."

A Gift of Vision by Connee Chandler.


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