Friday, May 07, 2004

Good Morning Dowsers .... broadcasting from downtown Harrison Hot Springs in beautiful British Columbia, the first day of the joint CAN-AM dowsing (first ever) conference. Folks are beginning to arrive. Penn Bell estimates a crowd of about 120 people, 2/3 Canadians. The ASD trustees have been meeting in marathon sessions for two days ... hats off to the hard working people leading the charge.

Joan Champion, Ralph Squire. Foreground: Tom Spuhler

Barry Smith, Susan McNeill Spuhler. Penn "Many Hats" Bell just stepped out to attend another meeting.

Yesterday while the trustees were hard at work in a windowless room, ugh, two of the retired damsels took advantage of the Harrison Hot Springs mineral baths, ahhhhh.

This is Big Foot country and Joline and Jackie, your tireless reporters,

are relaxing at the, where else, Big Foot RV Park.

In Joline's rig .... please note the satellite on the roof. This enables all the
2-way internet to happen.

The beautiful day ended with a couple views across Lake Harrison, the centerpiece of this picturesque village.

Don't you wish you were here?