Monday, May 03, 2004

Good Monday Morning ... and all's well in Bellingham WA. Had a lovely day yesterday with Mary Stasuik, an old friend from the Bay Area days who now lives here. The weather is so lovely and warm, the water and sunsets beautiful. We began the day with brunch and ended with dinner ... both great meals in upscale restaurants in the charming village of Fairhaven, incidentally where Mary lives, too. Reminds me of Pt. Richmond in the Bay Area and other restored small towns newly discovered. We visited the co-op for some organic veggies for the road at day's end. In the middle hours we spent a lot of time getting Mary up and running with email. And since she's had her new computer since last November it is about time. Checkout time here at the Bellingham RV Park is 11 a.m. and so am heading north to Canada shortly, Harrison Hot Springs specifically. Am looking forward to the hot spring baths and a good massage, yum!


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