Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Good Afternoon on this Wednesday in Harrison Hot Springs. The rain has stopped. The leak in my roof that I had fixed in Modesto CA has sprung big time, so am busy wringing out towels and emptying the bucket. It is clouded over and gray today, but still very beautiful through the mist. Here's a picture I took on the Esplanade last evening.

Here's my rig parked at Big Foot RV Park, Space 152.

I met up with old dowsing friends from California who are here for the first ever CAN-AM dowsing conference at Harrison Hot Springs. We all went to Charlie's by the Lake for dinner last night. Please meet Joan and Alex Champion from Philo CA and Ralph Squire and Dena Peterson from Columbia CA. Joan is an artist extraordinaire and Alex is a master labyrinth maker. Ralph is a spelunker (has to do with caving) and RV park owner in Columbia (Marble Quarry) and Dena is the happy camper. I went along to make the 5th Dimension (you like that?) Joan and Ralph are currently ASD (American Society of Dowsers) trustees. Joan has my old job. Today and tomorrow are trustee meetings and t he conference begins in earnest on Friday. Dena and I intend to go to the hot springs and do the hot baths and massage thing.



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