Tuesday, May 11, 2004

For CAN-AM Dowsing Conference, see May 5-10, 2004

Good Morning ... This will be a pay the bills, do laundry and wash the hair day after all the activity of last week and weekend. It was so lovely to be able to spend some quality time with Walt and Mardi and Harold and Vanna. We all had dinner together last night and talked for a long time.

I receive my mail from home by carrier pigeon (up here anyway) and am still awaiting the packet sent a week ago yesterday. Last night, in the company of some extraordinary dowsers, they came up with that it would arrive on Wednesday, tomorrow. Since the mail comes in here just once a day, that would be 11 a.m. Good thing I'm in no hurry. The spring lever on my screen door got broken over the weekend and today I found a Titanium dealer in Calgary (I intend to go there after Louise and Banff) who has one and said "come on by." The universe is so helpful, thanks to my buddies and unseen assistants. I am so very grateful.

And the sun that came out so gloriously earlier is now covered with fog and gray. Well, it was great for awhile. A good day to watch all the videos I made last week of Oprah and Dr. Phil. Today is the day that the military general from Iraq is reporting to Congress over the prison mess. Imagine the airways will be full of that tonight.

Well, I won't bore you any longer with off road day activities ... will settle in with a good book like "The DaVinci Code" and burn some more CDs of Raymon Grace's 3 hours on Coast to Coast on March 31st (a pivotal program) for friends.

Here's a picture of some sweet little Indigos, my great grandbaby twins, Sophia and Brent, age 3-1/2.



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