Tuesday, May 18, 2004

CAN-AM Dowsing Conference May 5-10, 2004
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Second day in Banff, this great Swiss Alps village. Have a great camping spot up the Tunnel Mountain and my TV satellite is up and running to keep up with the news. It's not so great these days, so keep on taping Oprah and Dr. Phil to watch later. Not so the other satellite. I won't get on that one until probably mid next week after I return to the U.S. in Montana. Computer is still crashed and slowly working on resolving that.

Meanwhile, here I am at the cyber cafe in the bowels of an underground mall. Signed up just now for a 10-hour all day trip tomorrow to the ice fields up yonder. Hope to get some great pictures to share.

More observations on driving and parking a large rig in Canada: Lane striping on Canada 1 (where I am mostly driving) is practically non-existent. A couple of times I found myself in the wrong lane, hey, where's the lane, egads.

Banff has one small street sign at each corner, figure out which corner, and I couldn't read 'em with 20/20 eyes. Canada does not have enough large spaces and no markings for RVs. Large shoppping centers with large parking lots are few and far between.
As in the U.S. lots of trucks and SUVs. The best part is the numbers of vehicles on the road and in town are zillions less than in the U.S. A great pleasure.

Well, it's time to go out and find a hairdresser to bring the roots up to date, hehe.
More tomorrow.


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