Wednesday, May 12, 2004


The mail packet arrived exactly how Walt Woods described it. Since I didn't write it down, here is how it played out. Originally Walt said the mail packet would not arrive on Wednesday at first, but that on a second try it would ... or something to that effect. At 1:00 the office here at the RV park did get their mail, but my packet was not there. Oh, dear, and a lot of hand wringing. I drove into town for brunch. At 2:00 I had the GREATEST of urges to go by the post office and ask one more time. I did that, and HOORAY the packet was there. GREAT RELIEF and I can now leave this lovely village.

The problem, in case you are interested: The packet did NOT have the name of the RV park on it, just the street address. Harrison Hot Springs does not have home mail delivery (did not know that beforehand) and everyone has a PO box. My package was sent to PO Box 690, which that box did receive and returned it to the PO today, whereupon the postmistress recognized me as being someone who came in every day for a week inquiring about my mail packet. So there you have the rest of the story. All's well that ends well.

Moral of the story: Trust in your dowsing!

A little nostalgia: The Genesa Crystal in my backyard
at home in Belen. Quan Yin is looking on from the side.

The hot tub at home in Belen.


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