Monday, May 10, 2004

The beginning of the reporting of the CAN-AM Dowsing Conference begins on May 5, 2004 in this Blog. For those of you who visited this site earlier, there are additions and changes to the earlier posts, so you might want to go back.

Hello Dowsers and Friends Everywhere .... back from lunch and will continue this publishing business. Naturally the upgrades have me on a new learning curve... but one improvement, I can go in and make corrections and additions.

So to continue with this saga as promised, we ended with the Friday night program and Walt Woods, the featured speaker. Walt is always a joy and a blessing and full of new information. He left me with a new thought or explanation for dowsing:

Dowsing is Mother's Intuition with a Readout Device . Well, how simple is that!

Saturday morning right after breakfast featured Mardi Gieseler speaking on "Communication With All Things." Her powerpoint presentation was attention grabbing and most interesting.

Here's Mardi:

During break time I dashed upstairs to the Vendor Room and talked to the folks up there.

Vendor Ellen Aitchinson was displaying some awesome objects 'd art made by her husband called Custom Wands by Derek.

Isabel Stadnicki, a Life Member of the Canadian Society of Questers, was showing her new book, "The Art of Healing." Paul Chelli is in the picture with Isabel.

Next stop, the Tamahi Minerals table where I caught John Savage and Rita McInnes.

Whoops, break time is over and a dash down the stairs to the main room just in time to catch Maureen Mason Edwardson speaking on "Plug Into Unlimited Consciousness."

Maureen ...

And it's already lunch time. Where did the morning go? Registered attendees enjoyed a free lunch, hehe, (well, sort of) together in the Harrison Room .. and the food was mighty plentiful and good. I was too busy eating to get any pictures.

At 1 p.m. was a Medicine Wheel Ceremony, which I missed somehow, but Jackie got a picture of that.

The first speaker on the afternoon schedule is Many Horses (Frank Austin) from a tribe 11 hours to the north of here, and so sorry I did not write that down. Thought I could remember. I'm just a cub, you must remember, and so some of the detials are just plain missing. The title of his talk is "Wisdom of the Elders."

But here's a picture of healer extraordinaire, Many Horses, chatting after his presentation.

The afternoon break finds many people outdoors in the sunshine hanging about the beautiful fountain in the hotel courtyard.

John Living continues his work wherever he is.

Stephen Kolasa enjoying an icecream cone, yum!

Coming back into the room we continue with Susan McNeill Spuhler speaking on "Dowsing Your G-spot (Gold Spot)"

Dinner was on our own and fast because the evening program began at 6:30 prompt with Harold McCoy speaking on "Healing, Dowsing and Other Mind Phenomena."

Whew! What a Day! This reporter crashed into bed to find the morning alarm an intrusion into blissful sleep. Oh, well, we have another full day ahead.

SUNDAY, MAY 9, 2004

Are you still with me? Well, you know how hectic a conference can be ... but wouldn't miss a minute, would you? Lots more today.

Early breakfast. It's Sunday morning. And Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers on our earth including our Earth Mother. I forgot all about it until my own daughter called as we were into the first speaker of the morning. I said I'd call her back.

First on the agenda is Michael Stodola speaking on "Connecting To and Working With The Devic Realm."

Michael Stodola...

And then break time comes around so fast .....egads. More breathing fresh air around the courtyard fountain.

Last speaker but not least is Deni Luna talking about "The Art of Divination:Dowsing and Clairvoyance."

After a second "free" lunch, many of us gathered at a beautiful spot near the lagoon off Lake Harrison for the scheduled tree planting ceremony. A raffle was held many times throughout the days and evenings hosted by Gordi Minishull ... a giant of a guy ... who did one of the hardest jobs of all at any dowsing conference, selling raffle tickets. The proceeds of this particular raffle went to buy the tree, (and more about that in a moment) There were many wonderful, donated prizes being raffled. But first here's Gordi doing his thing ...

Now the tree. Name: Forest Pansy (cercis canadensis) with seasonal leaves. Winter, dark red; spring, red buds; summer, green; fall, gold. What a beauty.

There was a wonderful, heartfelt ceremony led by the "committee," which included Jeanne Williams, (Vice-President of New Generation Dowsers of Lynnwood WA), Merlin Beltain, (President of Canadian Society of Questers) Susan Collins, (President of Canadian Society of Dowsers) Brian Bell (Hardworking Master of Ceremonies and Behind the Scenes Kinda Guy), Marc Montes, President of the New Generation Dowsers ... and I apologize for neglecting to get the name of the other person ... but you know who you are.

This picture is entitled "Merlin Leading the Charge"

This picture is entitled "Susan Collins Dowsing the Front Door"

This is the planted and blessed tree and this is the committee ...

A lovely ceremony!

The remainder of the afternoon was devoted to field trips for registered attendees which included the following:

Coquihalla Tunnels - energy vortices and tunnels.

This is Jackie Reid dowsing in the tunnels.

Energy Medicine Dowsing
Core Bits Dowsing
Men's Sweat Lodge
Women's Sweat Lodge
Harrison Hot Springs Dowsing

Following are candid shots of some of the many folks attending this great conference.
It seemed small and cozy in size, but believe me when I tried to photograph everyone attending it was IMPOSSIBLE!

This concludes the reporting of the First Ever CAN-AM Dowsing Conference at Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, May 7-9, 2004. Hope you enjoyed it. If you did, please let us know at

If you are interested in audio or videotapes, please contact Merlin Beltain, RR#7, C-163, Parker Cove, Vernon BC V1T 7Z3. Phone: 250-542-5940 FAX: 250-542-1226 Email: Videos: $25 each, Audios: $10 each. American or Canadian? Don't know.

The committee vows that next year will be another conference across the border in Washington State.

A good time was had by all!


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