Friday, April 23, 2004

I just realized that the post that was lost was my entire entry re my 3 day visit in Redding. Oops, such a blooper. Don't mean to demean that wonderful visit with friends, Marge and Art Palm. We have known each other since 1952! Can you beat that? Yes, we met while we were both living in Menlo Park, California, such a long time ago. Our oldest child was 4 months old and their first was yet to arrive ... the following fall. We were very poor then and playing the game of bridge was our main activity together. The 2 men met at and worked for Swift and Company. The Palm family was transferred to Southern California in 1954 or so and we followed a year or two later. When they moved to Redding to be near their son in 1989, we really made up for lost time and regular visits have followed. Marge hungers for "girltalk time" and so on Sunday last she and I and Lotte Bowen, a mutual friend from Happy Valley, spent almost the entire day in my rig eating and catching up. My, what wonderful hours we had together, not to mention the gourmet food we shared. And, of course, at night the 3 of us (Marge, Art and me) enjoyed one of our favorite pasttimes, the game of Spite and Malice. Their son, Kevin, was around a bit after the weekend and so the visit was complete. Sadly I left on Tuesday, the 20th, as I don't know when we shall meet again. And blast it, I did not take any new pictures. Well, I will just have to dig up ones I took last Christmas.

Well, I cannot locate the pictures I want so easily and a man just knocked on my door and said I was past checkout time, egads. More later.


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