Friday, April 09, 2004

Hello ... I missed a day ... well, I got busy ... with Condi Rice and all that hullaballoo on the TV and Jill came to visit from San Rafael. I've been thinking and have decided I cannot create a diary going back 2+ years ... so from now on I am just going to stay in the NOW. It's a gift, that's why they call it the present. Today I am on my "countdown" list getting ready to move on north next week. Think I will go into my pictures and select one or two from the thousands ... well, you know how prolific digital cameras are.

The first picture is Hollyhocks from my Belen NM kitchen window. They grow wild in that spot and I am so enamored with them because they remind me of my childhood in Nebraska. We had hollyhocks and lilacs. Those are the only flowers I remember growing there. My dad didn't have such a green thumb. We lived there until just after my 16th birthday and then we moved to California. The four of us; mom, dad, sister and me. Oh, what a story that is.

Am also going to try to resurrect a crop circle from my large collection, of which I am also enthusiastic about. They come with little sayings which seem appropos.

There are no warlike people; just warlike leaders.

There are no warlike people Crop Circle.doc


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