Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Busy day. Leaving tomorrow and heading north up I-5 in California. Destination: Redding for a few days visiting. Thank you friends who are trying to help me resize photos. Don't know why I can't figure it out myself, dratz! After being parked for 3 months, it is taking some doing to get everything pumped up, cleaned out, unhooked and road ready. Just want to check in here to see if you're still with me, hehe. Got my Curves (that's the local-wherever-I-am gym) travel card in my back pocket and printed out 76 pages of where they're located in Oregon, Washington and BC. That is an adventure in itself. Bought some organic goodies to take along for the ride, and all's well in my world.

94-year old Mom will be delighted to get this big rig out of her driveway, or so she tells her friends. I am leaving her in the hands of a professional woman who takes care of little old ladies. Mom only needs an hour or so every other day, just someone to go behind and wipe up the spills and see that nothing major is happening. Otherwise her health is A-okay, no meds, no physical impediments, a little short term memory loss (well, there's BIG stuff like no hearing, half her eyesight, no teeth, no sense of smell or taste, total incontinence, but she doesn't admit to any of that!) She is a trooper.

And so I will close this day with a picture of Sophia and Uncle Adam taken on Easter Sunday. I have played around with resizing that and let's see what happens.

Well, it didn't seem to work and I gotta git.

So here's one of my quotes:

"We live in a time of war and selections, when what we need
is peace and elections." Amy Goodman


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